Zodiac who Quickly Jump to Revenge When Dumped

Aries have a tendency to take betrayals too personally and won't tolerate being taken advantage of. Their first reaction when they feel wronged in any manner is to become irritated because they have a short fuse.

1. Aries

 It's common to retreat from people after a breakup, but Aries tries to avoid doing so for too long. 

They do have a short fuse, and if someone gets angry with them, their impulsive nature makes it difficult for any sane response and conversation. 

The main offense a typical Leo won't take responsibility for is their ego and pride. They are typically highly helpful individuals who take great satisfaction in their capacity to put others first and support them in every way.

2. Leo

However, if someone has injured them and abused their trust, they have effectively suffered a public ego collapse. When a close relative—like their boo—does this, it could feel like the right time to exact retribution.

Their blazing ego drives them to seek dominance in every sphere. Leos may fantasize about going to any extent to exact retribution, but they almost never follow through.

Scorpios have a hard time forgiving others and never forget the hurt they have experienced.

3. Scorpio