Zodiac Sign Whose Retirement Plan Is to Live on a Farm

Scorpios have a natural affinity for outdoor pursuits like camping, the beach, and rambling through a field of wildflowers. These actions are both therapeutic and self-care for the water sign.

1. Scorpio

Living a modest life and being in nature, in the opinion of Scorpios, are very restorative. A lot of Scorpios enjoy tilling the ground, sowing seeds, and watching them grow.

They daydream about watching young shoots develop in the summertime light and finally harvesting the crop once they retire while they are occupied working in offices.

They don't let a poor financial situation or a lack of frills for the house stop them from contemplating farming as a retirement option.

When on vacation, Virgos like to rough it. You know, the kind of camper who, rather than hiring an RV, sets up a tent and spends the night outside? Or a person that only eats what they can catch and fish?

2. Virgo

That is fundamentally a Virgo. This earth sign thinks that a farmer's home life is usually preferable than a city dweller's. They want to turn their farming into a family enterprise.

With love and care, Virgo aspires to develop a close bond with animals like chickens, piglets, sheep, horses, or donkeys.