What are the signs of a toxic relationship?

"healthy relationships are built on a shared desire to see the other thrive in all aspects of life. Yet when conditions deteriorate, every accomplishment turns into a contest.

1. Lack of support

In other words, it doesn't feel good to be with you anymore. They don't make you feel encouraged or supported, and you can't rely on them to stand up for you.

1. Lack of support

Most of your talks are dominated by sarcasm or criticism and driven by contempt, which is a divorce predictor instead of warmth and respect for one another.

2. Toxic communication

Do you ever notice yourself making rude comments to friends or family? While they're in another room, you could ridicule them by mockingly repeating what they said. To avoid the ensuing conflicts and antagonism, you can simply start avoiding their calls.

3. Trusted Source.

Although though it's acceptable to feel a little jealousy every now and again, Caraballo warns that it may become problematic if your jealousy prevents you from appreciating your partner's accomplishments.

4. Anger or envy

The same is true of envy. That is a completely normal human emotion, yes. But, when it results in ongoing mistrust and suspicion, your relationship may start to fast deteriorate.

4. Anger or envy

Does your lover frequently inquire as to where you are? Maybe when you don't respond to their texts right away or when they keep texting you until you do, they get agitated or annoyed.

5. Controlling behaviors