Virgo Weekly Horoscope, April 17–April 23, 2023

This week, you would start to understand the outer world for what it is. You would understand the importance of friendship. A little health issue will also arise.


 Just be aware of how much sleep you get. You may expect a chaotic ride. There will be plenty of professional options this week. Men in business would endure a downturn.

 You'll also encounter challenges at work. In terms of money, you'll struggle to pay for your expenses this week. You will be required to make up the shortfall for some of your prior loans.

 There will be additional living expenses that you will struggle to pay. This week, you'd feel deceived, my darling.

There will be a lot of arguments and difficulties in your relationship. This week will be challenging for you. 

Things will be better shortly. Even if your health issues this week aren't as severe, you would still be emotionally distressed. Just allow yourself enough time to recover.

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