Unique Names For Short People

Gaelic name Pippin, which means "little one" Spanish for "boy" is "chico." British slang for "tiny" is "titch."

Sweet and diminutive, like the candy, is caramel. Hopscotch is a fun and animated game.

Dobby, named after the little and devoted house elf from Harry Potter Peewee: little and adorable After the well-known fairy tale figure, Tom Thumb

Thumbelina was named after the fairytale figure. Small and maneuverable like an insect, the cricket Peanut, a little and endearing nut

Beanstalk is an amusing moniker for someone who is little. Gidget is named after the small surfer girl from a 1960s film. Elf is named after the diminutive, magical creatures of myth.

Short and diminutive, like a scaled-down replica of something. Pocket: a unit of measure that fits in your pocket.

"Tiny midge insect" is the meaning of the diminutive nickname "midge" for a person. Shortcake is a dish that is sweet and petite.

Tater Tots are a type of tasty snack food that are compact. Shrimp are little and adorable, like most seafood. modest and lovely, like a modest serving of milk, is the half-pint.

Small and sweet, like a lollipops, Spanish for "little one" is chiquitita. Italian for "baby" or "little one" is "bambino."

French word "rabbit" is lapin. German for "little mouse" is "muschi." Shrimply is a fun and loving moniker for a young child.

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