Toxic Relationship Looks Like

Intimacy is harmed by holding onto grudges and allowing them to fester. Caraballo observes that "over time, dissatisfaction or resentment can pile up and make a little chasm much greater."

1. Resentment

Whether it's to avoid spending time with your spouse or because you're concerned about how they'll react if you disclose the truth, you find yourself making up lies about your whereabouts and who you meet up with all the time.

2. Dishonesty

A warning sign includes being consistently late, nonchalantly "forgetting" events, and other actions that demonstrate contempt for your time, according to Manly.

3. Recurring Disrespect

A degree of agreement on how you'll spend or save your money is typically required when you share your finances with a spouse.

4. Negative Monetary Habits

But, if one spouse decides to spend money on things that the other partner disapproves of, the relationship is not inherently poisonous.

4. Negative Monetary Habits

Of course, regular life obstacles like a family member's illness or a job loss might cause some friction in your relationship. Yet being on edge all the time, even when no external stressors are present, is a telltale sign that something is wrong.

5. Ongoing Anxiety

To prevent arguments with your partner or to avoid having to explain the state of your relationship, you have ceased hanging out with friends and relatives.

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