Scorpio - Strengths & Weaknesses

You have a strong sense of ambition and are prepared to put in a lot of effort to achieve your goals. Additionally, you're constantly seeking solutions due to your very intuitive personality.

Your Strengths

 You establish enduring trust with those closest to you thanks to your intensity and depth in interpersonal interactions.

Your sign enjoys solving riddles and is an expert at doing so. Everything has a deeper meaning to you, and anything that is veiled in mystery attracts you magnetically.

Your Weaknesses

 Speaking of, I'll let you in on a little secret: You need to unwind! No matter how hard you look, there aren't always hidden meanings or ulterior purposes in things. 

You also seem to have a strong need to be in charge, which makes you incredibly calculating and preoccupied with plotting to get your way. Your sign is described by The Ascendant as having a "very powerful unconscious mind."

 You are aware that the underlying causes of many human behaviors include embarrassing or upsetting experiences, childhood traumas, and other habits tucked away in the subconscious.

 You obsess on it while most people ignore or are unaware of it. You develop a suspicion for people, engage in mind tricks, and carry out small experiments to watch how they respond in an effort to learn about their inner desires.