Capricorn - Strengths & Weaknesses

You definitely work hard to rise to the top thanks to your extraordinary dedication and discipline, which is how you accomplish all of your audacious ambitions.

Your Strengths

Whether it be at business or in close relationships, you are an excellent leader who excels at taking the initiative.

Capricorn, take a deep breath. Let yourself uncurl your jaw, unwind your shoulders, and unwind! The zodiac's hardest worker and unquestionably the most serious sign is yours.

Your Weaknesses

 You're not one to laugh at fools, and your way of life is quite "all work, no play." Your extraordinary drive and determination, according to the book Spiritual Astrology, stem from a desire to be in control.

 This can be seen in the great discipline and determination that motivate you to rise to the top and accomplish all of your audacious ambitions.

 At your worst, your need for structure results in an authoritarian personality with no room for surprise or spontaneity.

 Whether you plan to or not, you immerse yourself in your work and present a stone-cold manner that makes you seem unapproachable.