Taurus - Strengths & Weaknesses

You’re an ambitious person who works to achieve your goals, even when it’s hard. You have incredible intuition and know a lot about the world around you, so definitely follow it whenever feasible.

Your Strengths

 Plus, you are extremely dependable and love to maintain intimate relationships with others—your friends love that you’re always there for them.

The most well-known attribute of your sign is the one people take the most issue with—your intransigence.

Your Weaknesses

your stubbornness shows out when you refuse to see the worth in others’ perspectives merely because they’re not the same as yours.

 Your unshakeable values encompass personal morality and work ethic but also your attitude for your actual valuables and things. You suppose your subjective truth is the sole truth and lose respect for those who don’t line up with your thinking.

 Your need to have your merit recognized pushes you to work hard and show yourself, but believing others are “wrong” or “bad” just because they aren’t carbon copies of you isn’t helping anyone.

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