Pisces - Strengths & Weaknesses

Your generosity and creative nature make partnerships passionate and romantic, which leads to profound spiritual connections.

Your Strengths

Your goals and dreams can become a real, healing reality if you take them out of your imagination and get in touch with those who can assist you put them into action.

You need to get up now! You spend all of your time in your own little universe daydreaming.

Your Weaknesses

 No matter how hard others attempt to pay attention to you or keep track of you, you always manage to escape their grasp and vanish, earning the reputation of being erratic.

You are more sensitive, filled with compassion, and emotionally open than any other sign.

It seems sense that you would desire to live in your own head if minor changes in the emotional atmosphere that most others wouldn't even notice were seen by you as loud sirens and flashing lights.

 You quickly become overwhelmed, but eventually you must face the realities of life.

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