Sagittarius - Strengths & Weaknesses

Your sign is noted for its never-ending movement and need for knowledge.

Your Strengths

 You put in a lot of effort and push yourself beyond of your comfort zone whenever you can, whether it's through traveling, engaging in practical education, or creating ambitious goals that you always manage to surpass.

 You have great storytelling skills and are highly funny; you are accustomed to keeping everyone on the edge of their seats while waiting to hear what you have to say. Your trust in all of your experiences and knowledge is undoubtedly well-founded.

All Sagittarians may surely work on their tendency to come across as know-it-alls! When no one has asked for your opinion, you can easily start preaching and imposing it.

Your Weaknesses

 You talk over others a lot and routinely reject any ideas or opinions that don't align with your own, which is odd for a sign that's meant to adore learning. You will come across as pompous and pretentious as a result,

and few people truly want to be around someone who gives off that type of aura. You can gain all the wisdom and life experience you want, but if you don't have somebody with whom to share it, what good does it do you?

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