Newly Discovered Animals

A species of octopus called Grimpoteuthis, popularly known as the Dumbo octopus due to its look, is the number one among the top 10 recently discovered creatures.

1. Dumbo Octopus

The Dumbo octopus prefers to reside in extreme depths of water, thus to see one, one must deep dive to a depth of 13,000 feet.

A zoology department discovered this tiny new species of chameleon. One of the smallest male reptile species found on this planet, the grown-up mature male measures about 13.5mm in length.

2. Nano Chameleon

A comparison with the other 51 chameleon species revealed that the new species has unusually large privates. The review was shared in numerous publications that were published and other research papers or reports.

As they have large caves, they are primarily found in old caves and mining regions. They can be identified by their furry, orange wings.

3. Bright orange Bat

Since the two species are isolated from one another, their diets may be comparable. It is acknowledged that the Nimban Mountain range has a limited geographic range.

The Bay of Mexico whales, a species of baleen whale found in the northern area close to the Gulf of Mexico, are also known as these whales.

4. Rice’s Whale