Most Expensive Holiday Destinations

The capital of romance, home to some of the most costly restaurants in the world, the exorbitantly priced Ritz hotel, and the designer boutiques of Place Vendôme, makes it onto our list.

1. France's Paris

 Jules Verne, which is located on the fifth floor of the Eiffel Tower, is widely regarded as the apex of fine dining, so it makes sense that a lunch there can cost up to £250.

With its 332 islands' immaculate white dunes and palm trees that sway to the sound of a warm breeze, one could be excused for believing they have discovered heaven on earth.

2. Fiji Islands 

The national greeting of "Bula" and a landing fee of £11,500 are exchanged if you want to stay on the island of Laucala. Yikes.

Start the day with a "zillion dollar frittata" (£1,600) for breakfast at Norma's, or go to the Westin New York for a bagel that costs $1,000 and is covered in gold flakes and truffles. 

3. USA New York

Another idyllic location with a trend toward private islands and exorbitant prices. Why not pay a cool £62,500 each night to stay on Richard Branson's island?

4. Virgin Islands

The island of Bora Bora in French Polynesia, which is popular with celebrities like Nicole Kidman and Vince Vaughn, is not intended for budget travelers, 

5. Bora Bora