Mom wins $2M jackpot 

The life savings of a Florida mother were used to help her daughter battle breast cancer, and she is now wealthy.

One day after her daughter finished her final round of treatment for breast cancer, Geraldine Gimblet of Lakeland purchased a winning Florida Lottery ticket.

Gimblet claimed to have bought the final ticket left in stock for her preferred scratch-off game at the shop.

According to the Florida Lottery, Gimblet stated, "At first, the petrol station clerk thought there were no tickets remaining, but I requested him to double check because I like the crossword games. "He located the final one!"

According to the Florida Lottery, Gimblet won $2 million with the $10 ticket.

Gimblet went with her daughter and granddaughter to the lottery's headquarters in Tallahassee last week to receive her reward.

Unidentified Gimblet's daughter described to Florida Lottery representatives how her mother helped her out financially while she was battling cancer.

I rang the bell and left the hospital after finishing my final breast cancer treatment the day before my mother bought this ticket, she added. "My mother had spent her entire life savings to care for me when I was ill. Really genuinely delighted for her!"

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