Libra - Strengths & Weaknesses

You're the largest people person ever and a social butterfly, so making and keeping friends comes to you quite easily.

Your Strengths

People like your wit and manners, and you can blend in anyplace thanks to your natural social graces.

 You are an excellent addition to your buddy group and in social situations since you have the capacity to settle disputes by just turning on the charm.

Although Gemini is known for having two personalities, your sign is typically even more gullible and superficial.

Your Weaknesses

 Being a natural people pleaser, things get sticky when your super-social mindset results in intentionally acting differently to fit in with your surroundings.

 Particularly in romantic relationships, when you could feel that in order to feel happy, you need to maintain the interest of others outside of your relationship.

Conflict inevitably develops when your excessive people-pleasing isn't reciprocated because you feel unfairly treated.