Leo -  Strengths & Weaknesses

Leo, your sign is one of the most charismatic and lovable, so you don't have to worry about being likeable. Words like bright, blazing, and brilliant are frequently used to describe you!

Your Strengths

 Like the Sun, which is the source of all life and energy in the solar system, you are the most imaginative and giving sign. You have the capacity to forge enduring relationships and are a natural leader.

Although the Sun is your benevolent ruler, the world does not revolve around you, cat.

Your Weaknesses

 Even if you aren't aware that you come off as demanding attention, you might turn others off with it. The biggest and most fragile ego in the zodiac belongs to you!

 You need to be seen and validated, but flaunting yourself excessively solely to be the center of attention isn't the best method to achieve that approval.

Sometimes you play a different part and invent personality attributes that you think are endearing, just like the natural actor that your sign is reputed to be.

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