Gemini - Strengths & Weaknesses 

You are a social butterfly and can make friends with literally anyone thanks to your exuberant nature and attractive intelligence. You’re highly clever, fantastically funny, and strategic AF.

Your Strengths

Your sign gets pulled a lot for being two-faced, and to be fair, you swap up your thoughts and opinions so much that you might as well be two different individuals!

Your Weaknesses

You just have such a short attention span and live so in the moment that your whole personality changes based on whatever your current attitude and surroundings are.

You’re always studying your environment and taking in knowledge, and you love to talk, talk, talk about it all.

You network like a pro and have loads of connections, but others have difficulties developing meaningful relationships with you because who you appear to be is so varied every day.

 You may be cast off as superficial, especially because you’re not the best at remembering plans or diving further into a conversation.

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