Funny Nickname For Short People

Munchkin, named after the little people in "The Wizard of Oz." Small and young, just like a sprout. A humorous moniker for a little person is "squirt."

Tinkerbell is named after the little, enchanted pixie from Peter Pan. Wee One is small and adorable, much like a child. Italian meaning "small" and a small flute, piccolo. 

Shrimpet is a funny and amusing moniker for little people. Mini-me was modeled after Dr. Evil's miniature counterpart in Austin Powers. Smurf, named for the diminutive blue cartoon figures.

A cupcake is a sweet, dessert-like little treat. Funnel cake is a cute moniker for little people. Pint-sized: Cutely diminutive, just like a pint.

Small enough to fit into a small space; pocket-sized. Thumbkin, named after the subject of a children's song. Teacup: a teacup is little and delicate.

A humorous and adoring moniker for a young child is "Fun Bun." Half-pint Harry is a lighthearted moniker for someone who is short. A adorable and amusing moniker for a small individual is "mini-mite."

Small and adorable, just like a button. Mite-y: little and adorable, like a tiny mite. Light and bouncy, just like bubbles.

Spanish for "little" is "poco." A little person's sweet and humorous nickname is "cupie." Hopper: vivacious and playful, like a grasshopper.

Leprechaun: Named for the little, enchanted creatures of Irish folklore. Twinkle Toes is a humorous and friendly nickname for a small person. Bantam is a small and feisty adjective, like a bantam rooster.A little person's

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