Dog Breeds That Like to Be Cool

The Samoyed's dense, white fur and history of sled-pulling, hunting, and herding are significant indications of its arctic heritage. 

1. Samoyed

They are loyal, social, kind, and hard-working. These puppies are known for having a constant smile, and their warm personalities match.

The shiba inu was developed as a hunting dog in Japan. The most well-liked companion dog breed in Japan is a spitz.

2. shiba inu

They are brave, dependable, and devoted. However, they can develop incredibly strong ties with their people and are autonomous and strong-willed. 

This historic Chinese dog breed has been bred for more than a thousand years and may even be older than 206 BCE.

3. Chow Chow

 They were used as guardians, hunters, carriers, and companions. These distinctive canines are distinguished by their wrinkled face, neck ruff, and blue-black tongue.

These gorgeous snow-white dogs are unrelated to the Eskimos, an indigenous group of Alaskans.

4. American Eskimo dog