Cute Names to call Short People

Small and adorable, like a toy, is a dinky. Mimi is a sweet nickname that is small and lovely. Winky - charming and fun, like a wink.

Bitty is a diminutive and endearing adjective. A adorable and amusing moniker for a small individual is Lil' Bits. Small and adorable, just like a pebble.

Sweet and little, like a cookie, the snickerdoodle. Like a tootsie roll, Tootsie is a little and adorable name. Cutie Pie is a well-known moniker for little, cute people.

Small and delicious, like a gummy candy, the Gummy Bear. A unique and imaginative moniker for someone who is short is Nanos. Small and adorable, like a busy bee, is the honeybee.

Sweet and compact, just like a muffin. Pint Pal is a fun moniker for a young companion. Small and bright sprinkles, similar to candy sprinkles.

Twinkle is a short, sparkly word that refers to an eye-twinkle. Small and adorable, bumblebees resemble fuzzy bees. Small and adorable, just like a chipmunk.

Doodlebug is a fun name that sounds like a tiny bug. Miniature is a simple nickname for someone who is little. Small and tenacious, like a scrappy combatant; scrappy.