Coolest Dog Breeds

The Malamute is a powerful, energetic spitz dog used for hauling and hunting that was first developed in Alaska. 

1. Alaska Malamute

These dogs, despite their size, are enormous softies who adore being an active member of the family. Due to their friendliness, they often do not make ideal watchdogs but instead make gentle, devoted friends. 

Some of these dogs, along with their masters' sword and shield, are even discovered in their tombs, demonstrating how highly prized and cherished they were.

2. Norwegian Elkhound

Elkhounds are mentioned in Norse mythology and history. Elkhounds were employed around the farm for herding and security, just as the Norwegian buhund. 

The Sami people utilized these Arctic canines with additional fur to hunt and herd reindeer. It takes courage, intelligence, and fast thinking to perform this hazardous profession.

3. Finnish Lapphund

In fact, the Finnish Lapphund's robust "startle response" is one of their distinguishing characteristics. This quality aids the Finnish Lapphund in avoiding danger from enraged reindeer by enabling rapid reactions.

One of the oldest dog breeds, this clever, energetic breed is believed to have descended from the prehistoric arctic wolf. 

4.  Sweden Lapphund

Together, they herded, guarded, and hunted alongside the Sami people. They constantly want to be a part of the family and adore being involved.

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