Cons of a Leo-Libra Relationship

Despite the fact that Leo and Libra are fairly similar, each has particular issues that they must resolve. Leo might find it difficult to take Libra's criticism well, which might make things tense.


Both Leo and Libra lack flexibility. They wouldn't want to change a thing about themselves because they think everything about them is perfect.

 They would prefer that their partner alter their behavior to suit their own. Conflict between the pair could result from this inability to adapt.

Leo typically makes decisions with vehemence. As a result, the hesitant Libra could annoy the determined Leo. It can be difficult for a Libra to make decisions.

 When Leo tries to push them, they become angry of him since they don't appreciate being bossed around.

Libra are direct while stating their ideas. If someone is direct about something they don't like about them, Leo may feel hurt and ashamed. Leo might struggle to take criticism well, which might make things tense.

Leos seek the same loyalty from their partners because they are so fiercely loyal to them. They can become annoyed by their Libra partner's flirtatious approach and start a fight.