Cons of a Gemini-Libra Relationship

Gemini has an overwhelming admiration yearning. This leads them to misinterpret their Libra spouse since they are unable to comprehend or acknowledge the desires, emotions, or jealousy of others.


Libra believes that other people are envious of them. They feel that their accomplishments know no bounds and that their brilliance and beauty merit the best possible romance. Due to their lofty ideals, they are unable to appreciate their modest Gemini lover.


The Gemini's incisive tongue and improper sarcasm can occasionally make the Libra feel resentful.


Libra enjoys being in command, so she could occasionally come out as a little dictatorial around Gemini. The Air sign, with its intrinsic craving for spontaneity and uniqueness, won't tolerate this at all.


Their relationship may suffer as a result of a Libra's controlling nature. Due to their preference for taking the unconventional path, Geminis may not tolerate such behavior.


They can have different ideas about what it means to settle down. While Gemini may be reluctant to commit for the rest of their lives, Libra is all about it.


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