Cancer - Strengths & Weaknesses

Your empathy is through the roof, and according to the book Spiritual Astrology, this is where your natural intuition and caring instincts come from.

Your Strengths

 You often find yourself being the caregiver of your group, making people instinctively desire to be in your presence.

 One of your best qualities is love, and caring for people comes naturally to you, which is one of the reasons your sign is so adored.

Every aspect of your life is filled with emotions, and despite being a water sign, you are exceptionally sensitive to them.

Your Weaknesses

 When you insist on constantly acting on your emotions, you come across as moody, and your particular grumpiness can make you passive-aggressive and domineering.

But as soon as someone else's mood gets too intense, you withdraw into your shell or lash out with your claws, and people struggle to know how to interact with you.

 It is unjust and endangers your relationships when others must endure the weight of your emotions while suppressing their own.

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