Big-Eyed cat breeds

The Cornish rex is no stranger to being at the top of specialist cat breed lists, often appearing on lists of curly-coated cats or finest hypoallergenic cats.

1. Cornish rex

 Although green, blue, brown, and hazel eyes are all possible, the eyes are frequently gold in hue.

These cats attract attention when they enter a room because to their sleek build, big eyes, and wide, triangular ears.

2. Devon rex

Although Devon rex cats can have eyes of any hue, those with mink-colored coats frequently have aqua eyes, and those with colorpoint coats frequently have stunning blue eyes.

It is most well-known for its big, expressive eyes and its loving, cheerful personality. The almond-shaped eyes of the Singapura might be hazel, green, or yellow.

3. Singapura

The breed's distinctive feature is its big, open eyes. Small eyes are a serious flaw for this breed, as stated in the breed standard.

The sphynx, which is typically recognized for its hairless skin, is also well-known for its compelling gaze, virtually human-like expressions, and unique personality.

4. Sphynx

Although this cat breed can have eyes of any color, tones of icy blue, aqua, and green particularly draw attention to the sphynx's large eyes. 

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