Best Dog Breeds for families

These energetic tiny canines appear to naturally gravitate towards young people. They can keep up with youngsters and can endure just about anything.

1.  Cairn Terrier

Think of Toto from "The Wizard of Oz," who was also well-known on the big screen. They are a kind and friendly breed, especially around kids.

1.  Cairn Terrier

While very protective and devoted, this breed has to be properly taught. German shepherds may be lively, especially when they are young.

2. German Shepherd

Around their family, they can be kind and kind, yet they are cautious with strangers. They are an intelligent breed that can be trained to perform practically any task.

2. German Shepherd

Pugs like playing, and they also enjoy playing with kids. Because of its propensity for overheating, this brachycephalic breed (flat-faced) should not be overworked;

3. Pug

instead, brief play sessions and resting cuddled up with its owners are ideal for this youngster. Families seeking for a lap dog or snuggle partner will find this reduced energy dog to be perfect.

3. Pug

Similar to pugs and boxers, bulldogs are brachycephalic breeds that should avoid excessive exercise, especially on warm days. This breed will enjoy a quick game or romp,

4. Bulldog