Is Your Relationship Toxic?

In a happy marriage, everything just sort of clicks. Yes, you might argue occasionally or have other hiccups, 

but generally speaking, you make decisions together, honestly enjoy each other's company, and communicate any issues that come up.

The issue of toxic relationships is another. Relationship therapist Jor-El Caraballo claims that in a toxic relationship,

you could frequently feel exhausted or sad after spending time with your spouse, which may be a sign that something has to change.

Despite the fact that you still adore your spouse, the relationship might not feel at all joyful right now. 

You two always seem to get on one other's nerves or can't seem to stop bickering over insignificant things. Instead of anticipating seeing them like you once did, you could even fear the notion of it.

After our discussion of some telltale indications of toxicity in a relationship, we'll provide advice on what to do next if you or your spouse exhibits any of these behaviours.

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