Aquarius - Strengths & Weaknesses

You're a natural revolutionary, according to The Ascendant, born to make as much of an independent statement as you can.

Your Strengths

 You have a very creative mind and frequently have aspirations of using your bold concepts and outlandish outlook to change the world.

Everyone is aware of your uniqueness. True to your air sign nature, you enjoy being noticed and much more enjoy talking and mingling with others.

Your Weaknesses

Nothing makes you happier than being able to contribute a contentious viewpoint to a discussion and, as a result, (1) influence others to reevaluate their positions and (2) gain support for your point of view.

 As a result, you always make it a point to offer your "unique" and "special" ideas. It results from the fact that you are the traditional rebel of the zodiac.

 This is the source of your humanitarian and progressive viewpoints—your sign is all about defying authority—but it's also the reason behind your inconsistent and occasionally obnoxious behavior.

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