Aaron Rodgers Now legally Signs His Agreement, Packers QB To Earn $150.8 million For Next Three Years

Aaron Rodgers' new contract is now complete. The NFL Network's Ian Rapoport and Tom Pelissero have reported on Tuesday

that Rodgers' extension has become legally binding and has been signed. The team has since made an official announcement of that the contract was signed.

If Rodgers chose to come back back to Green Bay last week, the move was accompanied by an extension of

his contract for four years which will make the back-toback MVP the most highly-paid player in the NFL per year.

After a week of debate with the Packers regarding the specific plan, Rodgers will make an average of $50 million annually for the first three years of his contract. 

Rapoport said that the contract contains two placeholders on the back of the contract to be used for cap reasons that can be added later on.

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